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Knowledge marketing for global agriculture.

A maven gathers knowledge, assimilates information, asks questions. Possessing a natural enthusiasm for his subject, he has an instinctive curiosity for investigation. An extensive network through which he not only gains knowledge, but also propagates it…


to build agricultural communications programmes

Agro Mavens - press here for Agricultural Communications actionWe use our in-depth knowledge and understanding of global agricultural systems, acquired over twenty years, to create marketing programmes at national, regional and global levels. Technically astute, culturally aware and geographically diverse, our network and agricultural communications experience has seen Agro Mavens complete projects on six continents.


We turn knowledge into action: growing markets, effecting change, driving innovation.

An Agro Maven combines four roles, in one:

Researcher. Whatever the agricultural topic you need to grasp, wherever in the world it is, Agro Mavens finds out all there is to know. Whether it’s a market, a product, a service, an attitude, a trend, a country, or anything else, we’ll get the lowdown.

Strategist. Using our ‘database’ of knowledge and information, Agro Mavens brings analysis, insight and understanding to clients’ messaging. By relating it to target markets, we ensure the right messages resonate with the right audiences.

Writer. Do you need to impress a scientist? Convince a farmer? Or influence an investor? Whomever your reader, whether media relations or technical literature, Agro Mavens conveys the right message using engaging language. Our writing is audience-specific, compelling, persuasive, and valued.

Consultant. When we work with a client, we put ourselves in their shoes. We try to see the world through their eyes – spotting the opportunities, acknowledging the constraints, identifying the openings and negotiating the obstacles to steer a clear, achievable strategic path.

With our brand of agricultural communications, Agro Mavens can help you become an expert in your own marketplace.

Agro Mavens has its offices in London, UK, and we work with clients around the world.

Contact us to see how our approach to agricultural communications strategy, combined with our knowledge and skills, can turn knowledge into action for you too.